Essay on saving the environment: Our environment is our surrounding area và something that sustains us. It is the natural condition in which an organism, plant or animal grows and prospers. Our environment shields us and helps us grow into individual beings. Saving our environment is vital for sustaining humanity because, without a clean environment, none of us will survive sầu.

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In this article, we have sầu provided an Essay on Save Environment và a short essay, along with ten lines on the topic, to lớn help students write this essay in examinations.

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Long và Short Essays on Save sầu Environment for Students & Kids in English

Given below is an Essay on Save sầu Environment composed of about 500 words & a short piece comprising 100-150 words on Save sầu Environment in English.

Long Essay on Save Environment 500 Words in English

Essay on Save Environment is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

The environment is our natural foundation, and we have lớn take care of it. Our environment plays a massive role in the kind of person we grow up to be. There are a lot of valid reasons for which we need to lớn save sầu our environment. Our environment has suffered significant threats in the last few decades. The ever increasing vehicles and pollution have transformed our environment inkhổng lồ a mass of smoky mess. Enormous corruption has almost stripped it of fresh air.

A healthy environment has fresh & bacteria-miễn phí air và is not the breeding ground for diseases. To protect our environment, we need to lớn know what we should defkết thúc. Humankind has advanced in many ways, but in our race, we have compromised our natural environment và become the most intelligent & technologically superior species on earth. Large areas of the forest have sầu been cut down lớn provide residential places to lớn humans. We have cut down trees at our will to make paper and furniture. Valuable timber & trees with medicinal properties have fallen prey to lớn the slash và burn farming culture.

Nomadic tribes have sầu practiced shifting ax cultivation that has cost us the valuable fertility of the soil. Due khổng lồ the rapid growth of factories & industrial sectors, chemicals & smoke are regularly released in water và air. This causes water & air pollution. Humans have also neglected their responsibilities và have sầu dumped garbage anywhere they could. This leads to lớn land pollution and diseases as insects like flies carry the filth to our bodies và spread harmful viruses.

There are a lot of ways to protect the environment. We must save our environment because of the laông xã of fresh air, và oxygen will be toxic for us. If we don’t take care of our planet, soon, humankind will be in grave danger. To start with, we must carry out simple measures to protect và replenish our environment. Change begins when we step up & volunteer to lớn work towards it. We can plant small saplings at our homes and balconies to lớn 3D for the enormous loss of trees. Conducting trees plantation campaigns in schools also helps as the school lawns are used for planting a variety of trees.

Every year, innumerable birds và sea animals die from the pollution at sea. Marine life is in grave sầu danger as we have sầu allegedly deposited trash và filth on seashores & into lớn the ocean itself. Marine animals have died due to consuming plastic. An excellent way to lớn protect the environment would be to minimize or, rather, completely stop using plastic. Using cloth or paper bags lớn carry or dispose of things would be an excellent remedy. Disposing garbage properly, in garbage cans, & separating the biodegradable waste from the non-biodegradable wastes is an excellent way lớn decrease pollution levels. Worn out substances must be recycled so that they can be reused.

Short Essay on Save Environment in English 150 words

Essay on Save sầu Environment is usually given khổng lồ classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, và 6.

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Our environment needs to be protected và conserved. Conservation of our natural energy is significant as it sustains us. There are multiple ways of protecting our environment, the first being to decrease the levels of pollution. Since the smoke emitted by vehicles cause a lot of pollution, using Natural Gas as a fuel for cars will reduce the emission of smoke. Battery driven automobiles are also eco-friendly. We can also use solar energy lớn protect our natural resources. Solar energy is renewable and causes no pollution.

We must refrain from duping waste and factory remnants into lớn the waters. A program lượt thích Namami Gange aims lớn clean rivers và is a step forward towards a healthier environment. It is essential lớn be responsible và vì our parts in protecting our environment.

10 Lines on Essay on Save Environment in English

Our environment must be protected at all costs because it is a life-sustaining force for us.We must save sầu our mother nature from pollution toxithành phố và contamination. Living in a toxic environment can harm our health và permanently cripple us.Fuels producing poisonous gases and smoke causes pollution and smog.Chemicals released into lớn the water by industrial sectors causes water pollution.Drinking contaminated water can severely affect our health và cause diseases lượt thích typhoid, jaundice, etc.We can save our planet by using eco-friendly cars và vehicles lượt thích battery-driven cars. Cycling or walking is also beneficial.We must abide by the laws created by the government regarding our environment. The Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan is an example of one such mission.To protect our environment, we must discard plastic and use jute, paper, or cloth in its place.Afforestation is another essential way to save our trees & forests.A clean environment is essential for us khổng lồ lead healthy & fulfilling lives.


Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Save Environment

Question 1.What is a clean environment?

Answer:A clean environment is characterized by fresh and clean air, water, & lvà. It refers to lớn less pollution và diseases.

Question 2.How can we prevent air pollution?

Answer:Using battery-driven cars và natural gas as fuels in automobiles is the right way of controlling air pollution. We should stop the combustion of waste, which exerts a lot of carbon monoxide inlớn the atmosphere.

Question 3.What is the use of jute?

Answer:Jute bags và carriers are handy as they do no cause pollution like plastic và are eco-friendly.

Question 4.What is solar energy?

Answer:Solar energy is the energy given out by the sun. We can harness solar power by using solar panels và use it for cooking food, heat water, etc.