If you’ve sầu got a big bloông chồng of miễn phí time, the best way to put that to lớn use is khổng lồ relax, have sầu fun, decompress from a stressful day, or spkết thúc time with a loved one. But if you’ve sầu just got a little chunk — say 5 or 10 minutes — there’s no time khổng lồ bởi vì any of the fun stuff.So, what lớn vì chưng in free time?

Put those little chunks of time to their most productive sầu use.

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Everyone works differently, so the best use of your miễn phí time really depends on you, your working style, và what’s on your to-bởi các mục. But it’s handy to lớn have a danh mục like this in order to lớn quickly find a way lớn put that little spare time khổng lồ work instantly, without any thought. Use the following menu as a way khổng lồ spark ideas for what you can bởi in a short amount of time.

1. Reading Files

đoạn Clip magazine articles or print out good articles or reports for reading later, & keep them in a thư mục marked “Reading File”. Take this wherever you go, & any time you have sầu a little chunk of time, you can knoông chồng off items in your Reading File.

Keep a reading tệp tin on your computer (or in your bookmarks), for quiông chồng reading while at your desk (or on the road if you’ve got a laptop).

2. Clear out Inbox

Got a meeting in 5 minutes? Use it to lớn get your physical or email inbox khổng lồ empty.

If you’ve got a lot in your inbox, you’ll have lớn work quickly, và you may not get everything done; but reducing your pile can be a big help. And having an empty inbox is a wonderful feeling.

3. Phone Calls

Keep a danh mục of phone calls you need khổng lồ make, with phone numbers, and carry it everywhere.

Whether you’re at your desk or on the road, you can knoông chồng a few calls off your các mục in a short amount of time.

4. Make Money

This is my favorite productive use of không tính tiền time. I have a menu of articles I need khổng lồ write, và when I get some spare minutes, I’ll knoông chồng off half an article real quick.

If you get 5 to lớn 10 chunks of không tính phí time a day, you can make a decent side income. Figure out how you can freelance your skills, and have sầu work lined up that you can knoông xã out quickly — break it up into little chunks, so those chunks can be done in short bursts.

Try these 17 Types ofOnline WorkatHome Jobsthat Really Pay Off.

5. File

No one likes khổng lồ bởi this. If you’re on top of your game, you’re filing stuff immediately, so it doesn’t pile up.

But if you’ve just come off a really busy spurt, you may have a bunch of documents or files laying around.

Or maybe you have sầu a big stachồng of stuff khổng lồ file. Cut inlớn that stachồng with every little bit of spare time you get, & soon you’ll be in filing Nirvamãng cầu.

6. Network

Only have 2 minutes? Shoot off a quiông chồng gmail to a colleague. Even just a “touching bases” or follow-up gmail can vị wonders for your working relationship. Or shoot off a quiông chồng question, and put it on your follow-up menu for later.

7. Clear out Feeds

If my gmail inbox is empty, và I have some spare time, I like to lớn go to lớn my Google Reader & clear out my feed inbox.

8. Goal Time

Take 10 minutes lớn think about your goals — personal & professional.

If you don’t have a các mục of goals, start on one. If you’ve sầu got a danh sách of goals, Review them.

Write down a danh sách of action steps you can take over the next couple of weeks to make these goals a reality. What action step can you vày today? The more you focus on these goals, và nhận xét them, the more likely they will come true.

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9. Update Finances

Many people fall behind with their finances, either in paying bills (they don’t have sầu time), or entering transactions in their financial software, or clearing their checkbook, or reviewing their budget.

Take a few minutes khổng lồ update these things. It just takes 10 lớn 15 minutes every now và then.

10. Brainstorm Ideas

Another favorite of mine if I just have 5 minutes — I’ll break out my pocket notebook, và start a brainstorming list for a project or article. Whatever you’ve sầu got coming up in your work or personal life, it can benefit from a brainstorm. And that doesn’t take long.

11. Clear off Desk

Similar lớn the filing tip above sầu, but this applies to lớn whatever junk you’ve got cluttering up your desk. Or on the floor around your desk.

Trash stuff, tệp tin stuff, put it in its place. A clear desk makes for a more productive sầu you. And it’s oddly satisfying.

12. Exercise

Never have time khổng lồ exercise? 10 minutes is enough lớn get off some pushups and crunches. Do that 2 lớn 3 times a day, và you’ve sầu got a fit new you.

13. Take a Walk

This is another size of exercise that doesn’t take long, and you can bởi vì it anywhere. Even more important, it’s a good way khổng lồ stretch your legs from sitting at your desk too long.

It also gets your creative sầu juices flowing. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, taking a walk is a good way khổng lồ get unstuông xã.

14. Follow up

Keep a follow-up các mục for everything you’re waiting on. Return calls, emails, memos — anything that someone owes you, put on the danh mục.

When you’ve sầu got a spare 10 minutes, vì some follow-up calls or emails.

15. Meditate

You don’t need a yoga mat to do this. Just vày it at your desk. Focus on your breathing. A quiông xã 5 lớn 10 minutes of meditation (or even a nap) can be tremendously refreshing.

Take a look at this 5-Minute Guide khổng lồ Meditation: Anywhere, Anytime

16. Research

This is a daunting task for me. So I vì it in little spurts.

If I’ve only got a few minutes, I’ll bởi vì some quick retìm kiếm and take some notes. Do this a few times, & I’m done!

17. Outline

Similar to brainstorming, but more formal. I lượt thích to do an outline of a complicated article, report or project, và it helps tốc độ things along when I get to the actual writing. And it only takes a few minutes.

18. Get Prepped

Outlining is one way to prep for longer work, but there’s a lot of other ways you can prep for the next task on your list.

You may not have time khổng lồ actually start on the task right now, but when you come baông chồng from your meeting or lunch, you’ll be all prepped và ready to go.

19. Be Early

Got some spare time before a meeting? Show up for the meeting early.

Sure, you might feel lượt thích a chump sitting there alone, but actually people respect those who show up early. It’s better than being late (unless you’re trying lớn play a power trip or something, but that’s not appreciated in many circles).

trăng tròn. Log

If you keep a log of anything, a few spare minutes is the perfect time to lớn update the log.

Actually, the perfect time lớn update the log is right after you vì the activity (exercise, eat, crank a widget), but if you didn’t have time lớn vị it before, your 5-minute break is as good a time as any.

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