Viết Đoạn Văn Bằng Tiếng Anh Về Nơi Mình Sống


Viết đoạn vnạp năng lượng bằng giờ đồng hồ Anh về khu vực bản thân sinch sống là 1 trong giữa những vấn đề viết hơi quên thuộc. Tuy nhiên vẫn không ít bạn lấn cấn, hoặc trở ngại Khi gặp gỡ chủ đề này. Đặc biệt, trong số trường hợp tiếp xúc đời thường, đó là chủ thể chúng ta hay chạm mặt lúc ra mắt về phiên bản thân. Và đó cũng là yêu thương tố giúp cuộc thì thầm thoải mái, thân thiết rộng rất nhiều. Quý Khách hãy cùng Kyna For Kids tò mò bí quyết viết đoạn văn bởi giờ Anh về địa điểm bản thân sống sau đây nhé.

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#1 – Đoạn vnạp năng lượng viết bởi giờ đồng hồ anh về địa điểm mình sống 

I live sầu in the suburbs of Nha Trang city. There are many good things about living in my neighborhood. First, it has beautiful parks, sandy beaches, & sunny weather all year. So, it’s very good for outdoor activities and events.

Second, the traffic here is also great because the roads are wide & people follow the traffic lights very well. Also, my neighborhood is incredibly friendly & helpful. You can make friends with them & ask them for help easily. However, there is one thing I don’t like about living here. It’s quite inconvenient because if you want to hear some live music or watch a movie at the cinema, you have to lớn catch a bus to the thành phố center. Despite that, I still love living here.

Đoạn vnạp năng lượng #2

I live in Vinh Long city, & my hometown is very beautiful. It is located in Vinch Long province, a small area in the South West of Vietphái mạnh. Vinc Long has a combination of rural và urban values which include landscapes & modern structures. It is very easy khổng lồ get to my hometown.

All we have to bởi vì is follow the national main road, and then cross one of the biggest bridges of the West – My Thuan bridge to lớn step inkhổng lồ Vinch Long area. The uptown region is full of grass fields, ponds & cattle. There are not many houses there, & the atmosphere is still fresh và free from the exhaust fumes from traffic or factories. If we go further, we will get to the center of the đô thị. It is not a very big và modern city, but it has enough facilities for citizens.

Vinh Long is famous for tourism, and tourists love spend a day on the boat that goes along the rivers and floating markets. There is nothing much about my hometown, but I suppose that it is the best place for me lớn live.

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Đoạn vnạp năng lượng #3

I live sầu in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest thành phố of Vietnam và also the crowded one. Many people may know this place when I tell them because it is already famous. There are a lot of things to talk about Saigon, & we can find almost everything we need here. The roads are always full with vehicles, high buildings are everywhere, và people always seem to lớn be very busy. I really hate going out onrush hours, because the streets look like they are burning under the heat of exhaust fumes, và it is hard to lớn go for even a short distance. It is until very late in the evening that Saigon finally becomes quiet, but there are always people that hangout after midnight.

It can be said that this thành phố never sleeps, so people live there arealso very active. Because Saigon is full of people from all over the country eventhe world, I have sầu to admit that it is quite complicated when we first get here.However, for me this thành phố is still a lovely & worthy place to lớn live sầu.

Đoạn văn uống #4

I was born & grown up on the poor l& in Duc Tho district, Ha Tinch province. That’s where deeply attaches khổng lồ me 24 years of life. If anyone who asks me that “What’s the thing your most proud of?”. I will answer that’s my hometown. Duc Tho is the l& poor where the people live by rice cultivation, breeding, và fishing. Although the life is very difficult, but the people is very friendly, & studious. In Duc Tho, there is a Tung Anh village where called “Doctor village”. Duc Tho is also the home of Tran Phu Secretary General, và marked many memories of the great leader Ho Chi Minc.

If you come to Duc Tho, you will feel many interesting things, visiting Tran Phu tombstone, La Giang dyke, rowing on La driver, and enjoying the traditional songs. In the evening, they can enjoy a special food which is “mussel rice” – just only eat one time, you will never forget. Beautiful & unobtrusive! Duc Tho always tries lớn grow, và lớn improve sầu the life of people, but keeping the traditional culture.

Đoạn vnạp năng lượng #5

Hi everyone, I am Nhung và today I will tell you about my hometown. I come from Hung Yen which is a province in the North of Vietnam. There are not many buildings & constructure here so the air is more fresh and clean than in the city. The weather is nice and it will comfort you & make you happy. The specialties of my hometown are Long An fruits. People in my country enjoy eating it so almost every house grow them for selling. Everyone lives here take care of each other’s, they live lượt thích a big family.

In the evening, people in a neighborhood always gather in the large yard & chatting together after a long day of work. I love sầu my hometown & the people here so much và I think, it does not matter how far you can go but hometown is always a place where you can come baông chồng anytime you want.

Thành thục viết đoạn vnạp năng lượng bởi giờ đồng hồ Anh về nơi bản thân sinh sống để giúp đỡ đến đa số bạn học ngoại ngữ không giống những. Đây không chỉ là giải pháp giúp chúng ta luyện năng lực viết của bạn dạng thân. Qua đó còn giúp bạn chuẩn bị mang lại phần đông buổi thi chứng chỉ cũng như cuộc nói chuyện vào cuộc sống mỗi ngày. Mong rằng phần nhiều đoạn vnạp năng lượng bởi giờ Anh về nơi bản thân sinh sống nhưng Kyna For Kids nhắc nhở. Chúng vẫn đem đến những hữu ích cho bạn.