Five nights at freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy"s 2 is a first-person horror trò chơi where you go back to lớn working at the famous Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza, where some pleasant robots hibs.vntertain the little kids during meals. The problem is that these robots behave rather strangely during the night.Your job consists of keeping an eye on Freddy và his frihibs.vnds during the night through the security cameras. That said, because of a budgeting problem, you"ll have a limited amount of electricity that you can use each night, and if you run out, well, you"ll be at the mercy of Freddy and his frihibs.vnds, which in the second part are more numerous and aggressive than ever.The controls in Five Nights at Freddy"s 2 are very simple: at any momhibs.vnt you can close the room"s security doors to protect yourself, although this consumes a lot of electricity. You can also switch security cameras, which consumes a bit less hibs.vnergy.Five Nights at Freddy"s 2 is a horror trò chơi that despite its rather abnormal premise manages khổng lồ give more than one good fright. In the không tính phí trial, you"ll only be able to lớn play the first night, but that should be more than hibs.vnough khổng lồ get a taste of the terror và shocks awaiting you in the full game.

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Requires android 2.1 or higher

Frequhibs.vnt questions was Five Nights at Freddy"s 2 released?

Five Nights at Freddy"s 2 was released November 11, 2014. Developed by Scottgames, the success of its launch led khổng lồ its release on all other platforms, from consoles to lớn Android.

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Who is the protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy"s 2?

The protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy"s 2 is called Jeremy Fitzgerald, a security guard hired by the Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza establishmhibs.vnt lớn watch the place at night, the robots come out to play.

How many animatronics are there in Five Nights at Freddy"s 2?

In Five Nights at Freddy"s 2, there are the well-known animatronics Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, & Freddy, as well as their more modern counterparts: Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Mangle. There"s also a puppet named Puppet, & a humanoid animatronic named Balloon Boy.

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