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The School – White Day APK is miễn phí now on You can download and experience the horror of being stuck in Yeondu school.

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Introduce about The School – White Day

In the previous articles, I have introduced to lớn you Death School, an interactive adventure game, bringing the theme of horror in the school. Many players after the experience have left the assessment that they really like this genre, so I come baông chồng again and recommover lớn you the game The School – White Day. SONNORI developer has a new idea on this topic, promising lớn bring players an exciting journey. If you are looking forward lớn a horror experience, you should explore it now!

The story

The story of The School – White Day revolves around a high school student named Hui-min. He always feels that studying is so boring. But with pressure from his parents, he had to go lớn school every day with a sullen face.


As usual, Yeondu High School ended its last class after sunset. Hui-min was on his way bachồng home, but he realized he had left something at school so he went back and searched for it. At school, he meets an unknown female student. He has forgotten his purpose. The two talked và discovered a few places in Yeondu that few students came lớn. And then, something strange happened, leaving Hui-min and his friover to feel stuchồng in Yeondu. Everything was engulfed in a frighteningly dark & silent setting. In the foreground, no one knows what is going on? What will Hui-min do? Will he be able to lớn return home?


The beginning of the game is a short Clip, a summary of the life of the protagonist Hui-min and the scene taking place at Yeondu High School. You will play the role of Hui-min, interact with his friends and write the rest of his life story.

The control in The School – White Day is a bit complicated, because it brings both role-playing elements, rather than simply interacting & choosing like what Death School has done. You use the Joystiông chồng to lớn control the Hui-min moving khổng lồ the locations. Touch the action buttons in the right corner of the screen lớn perkhung corresponding actions such as running, sitting, picking up objects. In the journey, items will also appear. Of course, they all have a purpose. You need lớn collect them & uncover the mysteries at this school. I thought that the key that I discovered on the other table was just a decoration until I met a locked door, I needed the key so I could run away from the pursuer. That was my mistake.


Besides, don’t forget your most important goal is to lớn protect Hui-Min’s safety & help hlặng leave Yeondu. From Hui-Min’s view (first person), you will interact with other characters và make decisions. These decisions will affect what will happen in the future & affect the way other characters behave sầu with Hui-Min, so vày not regret a few seconds khổng lồ think before thinking about touch right or left to lớn select a suitable line.

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The horror factor

The School – White Day is a horror theme about school. Although there are no elements lượt thích guns, knives or any other weapon, there are many scenes that startle you. Soon, you will experience the feeling of running away from the chase from the fierce guard, the school ghosts and full of other horrors.

SONNORI really knows how to lớn bring emotions khổng lồ their players in realistic perspectives. The automatic footage will be played as a short video clip, lượt thích a horror movie with a thrilling feel.


The School – White Day highlights with a sharp & realistic 3 chiều graphics platsize. With the dark background, from Yeondu school, the classrooms, the corridor lớn the characters appear truthfully. Moreover, the sound of the game is also very noticeable. Frightening silence, sometimes short of breath & the footsteps in quiet midnight, can keep you from getting out of bed lớn go khổng lồ the nhà wc. The game also encourages you lớn use headphones lớn increase concentration và have a better experience.


Note when installing The School – White Day APK

If you encounter a blaông xã screen after installing the game, don’t worry. Please cthua the game và reopen it.


If you’re stuông xã in Yeondu High School with a lot of horrors things, how will you survive & return home page safely? Download and experience The School – White Day to lớn find your own answer.