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The Hell in Vietnam is an interactive Vietnam war-themed first-person shooter game based on the real-life battles that the Vietnam War was fought. For those who have never heard of the war, it began as a war between North & South Vietnam that became a communist stronghold in the north and a US force in the south. In the game the player takes control of one of the US military advisers sent to lớn assist the North Vietnamese forces. While flying a helicopter, combat begins as the North Vietnamese soldiers attack the helicopter and shoot it down then the player has to assist the downed American pilot in getting it back khổng lồ base. Eventually the mission will take you all the way across the length of the war-ravaged country lớn the battlefield where the victorious North Vietnamese forces are being attacked by the hated Chinese communist army.

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Although there are many different types of scenarios, some of the most popular include a hostage scenario, a combat rescue, a terrorist takedown and a đô thị interactive in which the player can witness first hand the true fighting spirit of the North và South Vietnamese troops. Although the storyline progresses slowly và some missions can seem tedious due lớn the lengthy dialogues between the players & the AI, they are all well-written & designed so that playing the game is more than just shooting anything that moves. There are also multiple endings for each mission và this adds to lớn the replayability factor of the game. The player can also download many different types of guns, explosives và other gadgets from the online marketplace lớn improve their capabilities in any of the available missions.

If you"re looking for a quick and engaging Vietnam action-adventure with excellent graphics & an engrossing storyline, then the excellent Hell in Vietnam ứng dụng is perfect for you. Available for both game ios devices as well as the newly released Windows OS, the tiện ích is không tính phí and contains tons of richly illustrated scenes as well as original music scores. Users of the Windows operating system can also experience the same high quality graphics & audio while enjoying the highly advanced and highly entertaining phầm mềm on their táo apple devices. If you enjoy award winning action-adventures, then you will love playing the highly entertaining và highly addictive Hell in Vietnam.

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Title:The Hell in Vietnam for WindowsRequirements:Windows ME,Windows XP,Windows 2000Language:EnglishLicense:Trial versionLatest update:Monday, September 27th 2021Author:City interactive




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