This launcher for the Smartphone version of Minecraft PE is a chất lượng development of our team. You can use it to lớn install add-ons, texture packs, maps, seeds & skins in one click!


Launcher with tiện ích mở rộng (mods) Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Installing a couple of add-ons is an excellent idea for maximum immersion in the atmosphere of the game. After all, there are already tens of thousands of various modifications that will change your world beyond recognition. Our launcher gives access to lớn a rich base of add-ons.

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All of them have descriptions and screenshots in English, so you can easily determine the purpose of the gian lận. One-touch installation eliminates the need khổng lồ connect your phone via cable and manually tải về add-ons. Our launcher will vì it for you!

Our application provides easy control of downloaded objects. They can be easily disabled or permanently deleted. There is no more need khổng lồ look through the file manager và search for the thư mục with the game. The game is controlled through the application. We simplify the life of our players!


Thousands of textures in your smartphone

You can change the displayed blocks in Minecraft using new textures. The catalog of our launcher numbers more than one thousand textures. By the way, you can change not only the blocks, but also the sounds và individual elements of the game. You will be notified about this by our mô tả tìm kiếm of each texture. So, you will always know what you are installing inkhổng lồ the game. You can use our launcher khổng lồ remove the texture from your world in one clichồng at any moment. Thus, you will make room for new textures when you are no longer interested in the old one.


Free maps

If you are tired of building, our Smartphone launcher will pleasantly surprise you with a huge danh mục of maps that are sorted by categories from small survival games to large-scale projects of cities. All this can be downloaded and installed in a few clicks absolutely free!


Skins with hibs.vn PE

A skin is an image of your character in the game, so you need to choose it carefully. Our catalog has more than five sầu thous& chất lượng skins of various directions & features. You will definitely have sầu plenty lớn choose from. No matter whether you want khổng lồ become a knight or a villain, here you can find the best skin for this in a couple of minutes.

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The installation of the skin in Minecraft: Pocket Edition is very simple. You just need khổng lồ tải về the desired skin from the catalog, enter the game, select the hibs.vn PE application in the skin cài đặt menu, & then activate the skin selected earlier.

Without any exaggeration, the catalog is filled with new products every five sầu minutes. You can check it yourself. Just download hibs.vn PE và wait a little bit in the application of the skin catalog. Then pull up lớn update the các mục, and new skins will be waiting for your downloads!


Seed values

Seeds are unique values used to generate random worlds. The launcher has a special seed catalog, where you can find interesting options for generating the world, for example, near a village or in a certain biome. This is very helpful when you need lớn start the game in a certain place. Here you can always find great spawn locations! The collection of our seeds is constantly replenished. Therefore, we recommkết thúc you to visit us from time lớn time. Perhaps we have sầu something that you long have been looking for!



Our original hibs.vn: Java Edition is available for users of various platforms: Windows, MacOS, và Linux. We try khổng lồ cover all the gamers who decide lớn use our program, so the hibs.vn PE project will also be a cross-platkhung app. We have sầu already developed a launcher for Android devices. It provides rich functionality & continues to lớn evolve. We are preparing for the development of the application for iOS devices. The release date is not precisely known, but it is likely to be the beginning of 20đôi mươi.


Let`s make launcher better

We have a very large community that uses the program and helps it lớn develop further. So, we hope lớn improve the new hibs.vn PE project together with you in order khổng lồ become the best aý muốn similar launchers, having more advanced functionality. This is possible only thanks to lớn you, with your help and support – use our application & gmail us for any questions ().