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Seems it"ll take a while till we get the game following Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers & its Altrộn 3 plot.

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Judging from what Producer Teradomain authority said in the latest Super Robot Wars stream, we might not get a new Super Robot Wars OG game in a while.

As you already heard by now, Bandẻo Namteo held a Super Robot Wars stream on February 18. It most notably revealed Code Geass‘ Lelouch piloting Wing Gundam Zero Rebellion as the 2nd Crossing Pilot sự kiện in điện thoại game Super Robot Wars DD. And no new console game was announced, which is a good thing in my book. Anyway, during the stream, we also heard that the SRX piloted by Ryusei is joining Super Robot Wars Cross Omega, the other mobile game. This triggered an interesting discussion.


The first part of the stream focused on Super Robot Wars X-Ω (pronounced Cross Omega), & its newly added units, including SRX. Producer Terada mentioned how it’s been over đôi mươi years since SRX first appeared in 1996. He mentioned that baông chồng when they made SRX, he purposefully picked really lame sounding names for its ultimate attacks. Nowadays, they feel even lamer so he’s ashamed of it. Kenji Akabane, one of the regular seiyuu on these streams, vehemently interjected & said the SRX is pretty cool, & Ryusei’s seiyuu Miki Shinichiro does a great job at making it cool. Akabane mentioned he was pretty sad when seeing the SRX gets wrecked in Super Robot Wars Altrộn 3. So they started chatting about how SRW Alpha 3‘s story will hypothetically happen in an hypothetical new Super Robot Wars OG game. That’s when Terada mentioned that the SRX won’t necessarily get wrecked in the next SRWOG game và they didn’t decide whether lớn bởi vì that or not yet. This should be taken with a grain of salt, as it was said aao ước banter & jokes, but this would mean they haven’t even finished writing the game’s scenario yet, meaning we won’t be seeing the next SRW OG game soon.

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Personally speaking, I lượt thích the SRW OG series as much as the main SRW series and am looking forward khổng lồ the next entry. The stream also featured the usual new mecha toys releases presentation at the over. Time doesn’t permit me to lớn cover that but it was pretty nice and you should definitely take a look if that’s your thing.

Seeing we’re speaking scenario writing, this is also a good opportunity to bring up a theory. Souichiro Morizumày recently participated in writing an SRW OG-themed event in SRW X-Ω. Morizumi also had a hvà in the SRW DD Crossing Pilot scenario with Amuro in Mazinger Z. I think this means there’s a pretty high chance Souichiro Morizungươi is currently writing for the next SRW OG game too. So I’m betting on Reiji and Xiaomu getting in the game. Sure they’re Monolith Soft characters, but seeing it’s unlikely Project x Zone 2 will get a spiritual successor anytime soon, this could as well happen instead.

The three last main console games of the series are, in release order: Super Robot Wars V, Super Robot Wars X, & Super Robot Wars T. The last SRW OG game was Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers, released in năm nhâm thìn. We might hear more about the next SRWOG game in 2021, the 30th anniversary of the SRW series. I wouldn’t say no to a new anime adaptation directed by Masami Obari either.


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