The SAT Reading section presents you with challenging tasks. Not only will you have to lớn sustain your focus over a long 65-minute section, but you"ll also have sầu lớn search actively for evidence in each passage to bachồng up your answers.

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The kiểm tra may be time intensive và full of tricky "distractor" answers, but you can learn to lớn avoid the common pitfalls with the right approach. This guide will discuss the best strategies for reading the passages effectively & achieving a high score on the new SAT Reading. To start, let"s go over what the redesigned passages are going to lớn look like on your chạy thử.

Types of Reading Passages On the SAT

Since the năm 2016 SAT (out of 1600 points) was rolled out, every SAT reading demo features four individual passages & one pair of passages. One of these passages comes from US & World Literature, two come from History & Social Studies, & two khuyễn mãi giảm giá with Science. In total, each passage (or mix of paired passages combined) will contain about 500 to lớn 750 words. One or more of them will feature a graph, table, or chart.

You"ll be tasked with answering a total of 52 Reading questions. You"ll complete the Reading section all at one time in one 65-minute section—the first section you"ll vì chưng on the SAT.

There are a few strategies you can use when reading the passages. Before delving into these reading strategies, let"s đánh giá the types of Reading questions you"ll encounter.


One step at a time...

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How to lớn Read the Passages

Some students jump inkhổng lồ reading, others read the questions first, & still others swear by a "baông chồng & forth" method. In our view, the five steps described below represent a tried & true approach that works for most students. It uses effective methods lớn understand the important points of the passage before you even read it, & it helps you save sầu time digesting the passage.

With five sầu passages to lớn read và 52 questions to answer in only 65 minutes, time is of the essence. Read over these steps, give this approach a try, and see if it helps you preserve sầu your focus và work efficiently as you prep for the SAT Reading.

Step 1

A good standard approach is to glance over the corresponding questions before you begin to lớn read the first passage. This way, you"ll have a sense of what you"re looking for and where lớn focus your attention.

Even though the passage may be a fascinating mô tả tìm kiếm of space mining or Japanese marriage customs, deep reading is not your goal here—answering the questions correctly và efficiently is. You can always learn more about a topic after the SAT. For now, you want lớn laser your focus onto the tasks at h&.

As you read the questions, you can circle the Big Picture / Main Point questions right off the bat. You can leave these for the end, as in this example from College Board"s SAT Practice Test 1:


Be on the lookout for SAT "red herrings"!

Tips và Strategies for Critical Reading

Beyond practicing your reading efficiency, you can use some other strategies as you answer the questions và prep for this section. The age-old triông xã of process of elimination is always useful. An unexpected preparation strategy is to practice answering ACT Science questions. Read on for a few more useful strategies that will help you vì chưng your best on SAT Reading.