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This Kids Speaker Is Adorable, Screen-Free Fun

Like on game consoles of old, children can insert physical cards into lớn this dễ thương pixel-art cube to listen khổng lồ audiobooks, podcasts, and soundscapes.

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Why Is It So Hard lớn Be Evil in Video Games?

Sometimes there are too many choices. Most of the time, “good versus evil” isn’t very clear-cut.


Hitman 3 Is a Beautifully Executed Finale

The final chapter of the trilogy is a master class in level design for Agent 47’s murderous escapades.


How to lớn Use Smart Lighting to Transsize Your Kid’s Bedroom

Is your child scared of the dark? These tech tips can help vanquish the monsters in the closet—or create good vibes for teens.


This Curtain-Opening Robot Isn't As Convenient As You Think

Wake up lớn natural sunlight & a loud, whining noise thanks khổng lồ the wonky SwitchBot that opens & closes your drapes for you.


This Retro Gaming Console Is a Time Machine lớn the '80s

The Evercade is a cartridge-based handheld, và it successfully delivers a dose of nostalgia & joy.

12 of the Greatest Mini-Games We’ve Ever Played

In these games-within-a-game, you can take a break lớn go fishing, play a few hands of combat dice, or administer a Voight-Kampff test.

How khổng lồ Teach Your Kids About Money

Financial know-how can mix your little one up for lifelong well-being. These child-friendly apps can help manage allowances và even create savings goals.

What You Need lớn Know About Roblox—và Why Kids Are Obsessed

The Clip game was just valued at a staggering $45 billion. It's also been a lifeline for my children since the start of lockdown.

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Ubisoft's Valhalla Is Too Long, Too Big, & Too Repetitive

In the latest Assassin's Creed installment, I'm playing a Viking during the Dark Ages. Why am I bored? 

How khổng lồ Use Your PS5 or Xbox Controller Everywhere Else

Want lớn play games on your phone, desktop, máy tính, or tablet? If you own a console, you probably don't need a separate controller.

Tips on How to lớn Snag a PlayStation 5 (Good Luck!)

Months after launch, Sony's lachạy thử console is proving difficult khổng lồ find for many. We've sầu got some tips on how to lớn score one.

18 Great Wireless Chargers to Refuel Your Phone (or Watch)

Stop fumbling for cables in the dark. These stands & pads will make recharging your iPhone or Android phone hassle-free. 

15 Xbox Series X/S Tips to Level Up Your New Console

From setting up remote play to lớn automatic sign-on with your favorite controller, here’s how lớn get the most out of your shiny new toy.

15 Tips and Hidden Tricks for the PS5 (You Lucky Dog)

If you’re one of the lucky few to lớn score Sony’s newest game console this holiday, check these features out for the best experience.

Step Away From Screens With the 10 Best Family Board Games 

These sets will spruce things up when everyone in the house is up on 'The Mandalorian'. 

I've sầu Played RimWorld for 700 Hours. I May Never Escape

This gritty sci-fi management syên ổn is hard to leave—và impossible khổng lồ forget.

Why Do Printers Still Suck?

Decades of dealing with paper jams and overpriced ink cartridges are an effective sầu recipe for high blood pressure.

How the PlayStation 5 Improves on the PS4—and How It Doesn’t

Thinking of buying a Sony console for the first time or upgrading? Here’s exactly what you can expect.

My Doomed Search for a Bedside Wireless Phone Charger

My wife và I have spent years testing out dozens of models on our nightstands. We’re still hunting.

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