Or you can select a preset...Washington, DC, USAThành Phố New York, NY, USABoston, MA, USALos Angeles, CA, USASan Francisco, CA, USAChicago, IL, USAPhiladelphia, PA, USAHonolulu, HI, USAMoscow, RussiaLondon, EnglandParis, FranceBerlin, GermanyBeijing, ChinaNew Delhi, IndiaIslamabad, PakistanTokyo, JapanPyongyang, North KoreaSeoul, South KoreaTehran, IranTel Aviv, Israel Trinity site, NM, USA (1945)Hiroshima, nhật bản (1945)Nagasaki, nhật bản (1945)Elugelab, Enewetak, Marshall Islands (1952)Namu Island, Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands (1954)Sedan Crater, Nevada Test Site, NV, USA (1962)Tsar Bomcha site, Novaya Zemlya, Russia (1961)

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2. Enter a yield (in kilotons): Or you can select a preset..."Davy Crockett" - smallest US bomb produced (trăng tròn t)Crude nuclear terrorist weapon (100 t)B-61 Mod 3 (lowest yield currently in US arsenal) (300 t)North Korean weapon tested in 2006 (500 t)North Korean weapon tested in 2009 (6 kt)North Korean weapon tested in 2013 (10 kt)Improvised HEU device - nuclear terrorism (10 kt)"Little Boy" - Hiroshima bomb (15 kt)"Gadget" - Trinity kiểm tra (trăng tròn kt)"Fat Man" - Nagasaki bomb (20 kt)Largest Pakistani weapon tested (45 kt)Largest Indian weapon tested (60 kt)W-76 (comtháng in US & UK SLBM arsenal) (100 kt)North Korean weapon tested in 2017 (150 kt?)W-80 (currently in US arsenal, cruise missile) (150 kt)W-87 (currently in US arsenal, Minuteman III) (300 kt)TN 80/81 (largest current French warhead) (300 kt)B-61 Mod 7 (currently in US arsenal) (340 kt)W-78 (currently in US arsenal, Minuteman III) (350 kt)W-88 (Trident D5 warhead) (455 kt)"Ivy King" - largest pure fission weapon tested by USA (500 kt)Topol (SS-25) (currently in Russian arsenal) (800 kt)W-59 (Minuteman I warhead) (1 Mt)B-83 (largest bomb in current US arsenal) (1.2 Mt)R-12 (SS-4) Soviet missile, Cuban missile crisis (2.42 Mt)Dong Feng-4, China"s first deployed ICBM (3.3 Mt)W-39, US H-bomb, almost accidentally detonated in 1961 (4 Mt)Dong Feng-5, China"s current ICBMs (5 Mt)W-53 (Titung II warhead, highest yield ICBM US deployed) (9 Mt)"Ivy Mike" - first H-bomb (10.4 Mt)"Castle Bravo" - largest US bomb tested (15 Mt)"Tsar Bomba" - largest USSR bomb tested (50 Mt)"Tsar Bomba" - largest USSR bomb designed (100 Mt)
3. Basic options:
Height of burst: Airburst SurfaceOther effects: Casualties Radioactive fallout

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Airburst settings: Maximize airburst radii for all effects Optimize for overpressure: pđắm đuối Burst height: ftmmikmShow overpressure rings for: 3,000 pyêu thích (destroys missile bunkers) 200 pđê mê (extreme damage) 20 pmê mẩn (heavy damage) 5 psay mê (medium damage) 1 psay mê (light damage) Other: pham <+>Show ionizing radiation rings for: 100 rem (sickness, increased lifetime cancer risk) 500 rem (50-90% mortality without medical care) 600 rem (80% mortality with medical care) 1,000 rem (95% mortality with medical care) 5,000 rem (100% mortality) Other: rem <+>Show thermal radiation rings for: Third degree burns (100% probability) Third degree burns (1/2 probability) Second degree burns (1/2 probability) First degree burns (một nửa probability) Minimum radius for 100% probability of no burn Dry wood usually burns (35 cal/cm²) Other: cal/cm² <+>Other effects: Fireball Crater
Fallout↳ wind speed: mph, origin ° (get local)↳ fission fraction:% Show Circular Error Probable: ftmmikm Mushroom cloud dimensions
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