Best Mario Games You Can Play In 2022


Being a Nintendo console, of course the GameCube featured a bevy of Mario titles. But what were the best & worst of them?


There are a lot of Mario games that have come out over the years. We"re not sure if people are fully aware of just how many, but the Italian plumber has been in over 200+ games and that"s just by our rough count.

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The guy has been a painter, a plumber, a street cleaner, a referee, a death fight combatant, a racer, & just about any other occupation you can imagine. So, why don"t we narrow this down a bit and specifically talk about the good old days of Mario specifically on the GameCube?

Updated on January 18th, 2020 by Patrick Mocella: Although the Nintendo GameCube was far from the Japanese juggernaut"s most successful console financially speaking, the console is still looked on upon fondly for its roster of stellar games. In just five or so years the console was active, Nintendo pumped out no less than 14 games either starring the mustached red-capped plumber and/or his cast of characters. While none are truly awful by any means, there are certainly some that stand above the pack and some who got outclassed. There were about fourteen of them but we"ll be talking about all of them classifying them into the best and worst categories. Super Smash Bros. Melee will not be included due to lớn the trò chơi focusing on Nintendo as a whole and not just Mario"s cast of characters.

13/13 Best: Luigi"s Mansion


Given a lot of flak in its day for not being Super Mario SunshineLuigi"s Mansion was released as a launch title for the Gamecube & while it isn"t the most ambitious Mario game on the console, it is extremely unique và a refreshing change of pace.

From the title starring Luigi lớn taking on a campy horror aesthetic, Luigi"s Mansion surprises gamers at every corner with something different. Its mechanics and chơi game while simple are still quite enjoyable to play and the graphics hold up very nicely for a launch title in 2001. This is a game that deserves more respect.


With such a long lineup of Mario Party titles for the Gamecube, it"s hard to truly pin sạc them into either a best or worst category. However, with being the fourth Mario party title on the system, it"s clear that Mario buổi tiệc ngọt 7 was a sign of the franchise running out of steam a bit.

The boards in Mario party 7 tend to lớn be more gimmick-based than previous titles in the series and unless you have the packed-in microphone with the game, landing on a Microphone space will bởi vì absolutely for you. The trò chơi deserves some credit for bringing 8 player Mario Party to the Gamecube, but it"s not enough khổng lồ save this from mediocrity.


First and foremost is the premiere Super Mario game on the Gamecube, Super Mario Sunshine. This trò chơi was pretty polarizing with fans back in the day simply because of how different it was in style, game play mechanics, & tone than Mario 64. Mario isn"t simply running around và hopping into paintings willy-nilly now, he"s got a job khổng lồ do và that job is cleaning up Isle Delfino. Whether you"re a fan of the F.L.U.D.D or not, Super Mario Sunshine still has a lot to lớn offer and is irrevocably one of the Gamecube"s best.


Here"s the thing, personally, we lượt thích Mario Kart: Double Dash. It was a pretty fun Mario Kart game và felt just as joyfully unfair as all the rest of them do. And while Double Dash introduces a lot of unique cast members with fun dynamics, it has some glaring flaws that make it hard to lớn rank it anywhere near as high as Mario Kart 8 or Mario Kart Wii. The character-duo specific items were a cool idea that fell flat on its face & the pure shortage of new tracks caused many people to lớn permanently label this trò chơi as "one of the bad ones." & while that isn"t necessarily fair, all it takes is one look at the Baby Park track to understand where they"re coming from.

This soccer trò chơi feels lượt thích one of the bigger risks Nintendo took in terms of style và overall tone. It"s not often that a Mario game takes any sort of big risks, but this & Super Mario Sunshine are the two best examples we can think of. Mario Strikers is over-the-top bombastic soccer action at a cấp độ almost reaching the classic film Shaolin Soccer.

The art style they used is great, the Captains each having their own cronies made every team feel unique, & the game just played fantastically! The sequel trò chơi Mario Strikers: Charged fell a tad in quality but overall this is one of the Mario Sports-games we wish we had more of.

Quite frankly, it"s difficult khổng lồ justify calling any one of the games on this danh sách "bad" but Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour comes pretty close. The game itself isn"t of poor quality, it just doesn"t really build upon the cult classic that was Mario Golf on the N64. Maybe they were worried that it would be like reinventing the wheel, but Nintendo took very few risks with this sequel in a way that felt much too safe. The game itself had a good difficulty curve, plenty of content, & a great cast of golfers. But we just can"t look past how it feels like Mario Golf again rather than a sequel that evolves on the original.

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The Paper Mario franchise has had a long and tragic career that all started with the OG Paper Mario on the N64. That game was amazing in its own right but it really wasn"t until the Gamecube sequel Paper Mario and The Thousand-Year Door that people really took notice of how unique this spin-off series was, especially considering how fun and challenging the chơi game itself was.

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To date, TTYD is still most fans" favorite entry into the series & that probably won"t change anytime soon. That might be because each new entry into the series has only strayed further and further from what made it great in the first place, but it"s also because TTYD is just a fantastic trò chơi in of itself. People could even mark this as the beginning of Nintendo"s "Craft World" genre that eventually birthed games like Kirby"s Epic Yarn & Yoshi"s Wooly World.

We really did try to make a menu of ten games that feature Mario và his crew primarily, so that meant Super Smash Bros Melee was out. What we"re left with is a pretty good catalog of innovative and fun Mario titles that we have khổng lồ throw shade at half of. And, shockingly, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is fantastic as well, it"s just not as good as any of the other full-length Mario games on this list. That isn"t to say that DDR: MM isn"t well-made or that it doesn"t innovate on the DDR mechanics, because it does. It"s just hard to compare something like Mario Sunshine & a Mario-based DDR game or put them anywhere on the same màn chơi of "quality."

Since Nintendo had their feet phối on the GameCube after Mario tiệc nhỏ 4 introduced the classic board trò chơi series to the system, Mario tiệc ngọt 5 is where Hudson Soft really showed off what can be done on the purple lunchbox console.

Unlike other Mario Party games, players must pay lớn use items that can be polarizing but it does make you think about which items are actually worth using. The boards are more imaginative than others on the system without resorting to lớn cheap gimmicks. There"s quite a few great minigames as well like "Dodge Bomb" và the extremely tense "Night Light Fright".

Once again, the Gamecube era seemed to be the time Nintendo chose khổng lồ really try out the whole "Mario Sports" thing, & luckily for us fans, it worked out. We already talked about kart racing, golf, & soccer games, but what others were there? Well, Mario power Tennis is the first thing that comes to mind, as we can see with Mario Tennis Aces that this particular sport seemed to vị well with fans. Something about the thể thao of tennis just translates so well with Mario characters, and the variety of tournament types, character types, and game modes made for one of the best quality sports games on the entirety of the Gamecube.

It"s so difficult to điện thoại tư vấn any Mario game "bad." Because Mario is Nintendo"s golden goose, they always make sure to put the time & money into his games so they"re all of a certain màn chơi of quality. And while Mario nguồn Tennis is fantastic, Mario Superstar Baseball is just "good." It"s not amazing, it"s not mind-blowing, it"s simply a pretty good baseball trò chơi with Mario characters.

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This is made especially clear by how much more beloved its sequel Mario Super Sluggers was on the Nintendo Wii, a game that innovated the blend of Mario and baseball mechanics much more masterfully than this still-quite-good Gamecube gem.

As the third Mario Party released on the system, one might think that this title would be phoning it in but that would be selling the trò chơi short.

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With a quality day và night cycle for its boards that alter them depending on the "time of day" and some great times in its mini-game collection, Mario tiệc ngọt 6 is the best time you"re going to have with Mario và his buổi tiệc nhỏ on the Gamecube.

Graphically speaking, the first Mario Party game on the Gamecube was a massive leap forward for the franchise. But everything else about the trò chơi will just leave you wanting lớn play the sequels on the system.

Mario tiệc nhỏ 4"s boards tend to lớn drag on and on with no loop around in sight which can become tiring. The minigames tend to all blur together with none being awful but at the same time none standing out from the crowd. With Mario buổi tiệc nhỏ 5 & 6 around, no reason khổng lồ pick up 4.