Bit mat bat de Asia Vietnam giới Guessing game Props: blindfold cotton pieces.

Bạn đang xem: Game bịt mắt bắt dê

N.o.p.: 10+.A group of children are forming two circles, one inside & one outside circle. Inside the circle st& two children blindfolded. The children forming the circle walk clockwise while saying some rhyme.

Xem thêm: Game Thanh Pho Mua Sam 2, Chơi Game Thanh Pho Mua Sam 2, Game 24H

At the kết thúc of the rhyme all children sit on the ground except the two children in the middle. These two walk aước ao the sitting children & are feeling with their hands the faces of the children and must guess who is in front of them. If they guess it right, they change blindfolding with the child who is lớn be guessed. If not, the procedure will be repeated.Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 1999


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