Introduction of ho chi minh city

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We were aware of the difference in population between Ho Chi Minc City (HCMC, a.k.a. Saigon) and Hanoi, but were surprised lớn find such a difference in wealth và sophistication between the two cities.

HCMC, is a bright, bustling cosmopolitung city. Even with its glitz and splash, it maintains a distinctly Vietnamese feel as street food stalls press up against 5-star hotels. You can still see the French colonial thumbprint in HCMC with buildings lượt thích the People’s Committee building (formerly the Hotel De Ville) or the cathedral just a few blocks away.

Hotel de Ville (People"s Committee Building) – SaigonAlthough some might argue, both the variety và quality of food was a notch or two above that of Hanoi. The presence of a svào & growing middle class is obvious in the way people dress, cửa hàng and eat. We also found that people in HCMC were friendlier, more open và just happier to lớn chat.

Although the traffic volume was also a notch or two above Hanoi"s, HCMC"s large streets allowed pollution lớn dissipate, making the air easier on the lungs and eyes. But as in Hanoi, we had to lớn adopt a fatalistic attitude và simply step inlớn sea of honking motorbikes, bob, weave, & hope for the best. Specially marked “tourist security” police are strategically placed khổng lồ rescue paralyzed & stranded tourists. Picture yourself in the middle of a 32-lane boulevard & you"ll be more than happy to be escorted by friendly, brightly clothed crossing guards, lượt thích you were back in kindergarten. We were.

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Southern Vietphái mạnh is warmer in climate & people, making it a good place to visit after touring around the north. We spoke lớn a number of tourists who went the other way; they had a harder time adjusting.

Video: Street Scenes from Ho Chi Minc City (Saigon)


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Thank you very much how easy is it to lớn get from airport khổng lồ khách sạn as i arrive sầu very early in the morning & just want lớn get khổng lồ the hotel without too much hassle it a long 24 hour from when i leave sầu Canada until get any đầu vào would be very much appreciated


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