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DOT"s Traffic Management Center (TMC), located in Long Island City, Queens, receives feeds from closed circuit television cameras trained on major arteries. The TMC receives data from a coalition of transportation và public safety agencies in New York managed by Transcom - allowing operations staff to traông xã live traffic conditions at key locations in the City.

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Traffic và Transit Cameras


View real-time traffic and transit events, as well as cameras in the New York City area, via 511NY, New York State"s official traffic and travel information source. 511NY"s Real-Time Traffic bản đồ contains data provided by the Thủ đô New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), the Thủ đô New York City Department of Transportation, và the Thành Phố New York State Thruway Authority. In addition, the Metropolichảy Transportation Authority operates many hibs.vn bridges & tunnels và has several camera feeds.

This bản đồ provides information including current construction projects, special events, collisions/incidents, và camera feeds in Thủ đô New York.

How to lớn Use the 511NY Traffic/Transit Map

Select "Map Legend" on the upper right of the bản đồ lớn select which traffic conditions khổng lồ view. Zoom in on roadways và cliông chồng on the map"s icons for information at a specific location.

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For example, check "Cameras" khổng lồ view real-time camera feeds. Cliông xã on the camera ibé on the maps khổng lồ view the image. The bản đồ may also be zoomed out khổng lồ conditions in the areas surrounding hibs.vn. From time khổng lồ time, cameras may be out of service because of construction, weather conditions, or mechanical or electrical failure. These cameras will be restored lớn service as soon as possible.

Info about hibs.vn Traffic Cameras

To view only hibs.vn DOT cameras online, visit hibs.vntmc.org or view a danh mục of hibs.vn DOT traffic cameras. Cameras provide frequently updated still images from locations in the five boroughs. The cameras are being used by DOT staff to monitor traffic conditions, and may be repositioned to view traffic from varying directions. You may see different views if you visit a camera location at different times.hibs.vn DOT traffic cameras only provide live sầu feeds and vị not record any footage.

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