Nowadays, energy is being run out more and more so it is one of the most important things of our life. We need to save energy because nobody of us can lives without energy. So why don"t we start to do it right in our home? We have many ways to save energy in our home. One of those ways is using electricity, water and gas economically. Such as we should turn off the light in room when we go out or in unnecessary situations, avoid wasting water, shut the kitchen stove when stop cooking. Use a microwave instead of a stove to reheat food. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries... Besides, we should use electrical equipments which are energy - saving. Such as using lights and fans that have low capacity, or using equipments which reserve electricty. Not only do these help us to save money but also they work effectively.In addition, we should frequently check electrical equipments in our home in order to fix opportunely. In summary, we need to save energy so that energy isn"t run out and continues to serve human"s life.

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Nowadays, energy is necessary for our life. There are many kind of energy : ocean energy, electric energy, solar energy, wind energy... But energy also limit , so we must save energy. We can make some following ways.To save petrol energy, we should:+ Limit travel by car, motorbike, train...You can using bicycles or walk.This not only help you save energy but also avoid traffic jams and can save your money any more.- To save electricity energy, we should:+ Turn off the light , the fans, the air-conditioner, you should close it after using.Avoid ironning close at peak hours...+ When buying somethings, we should choose devices with costly a low electricity.There are many ways to save water:+ Turn off the faucet after using it+ Don"t let children play with water, if you let chidren play with water , this ill a lot of water.- In the kitchen we should save gas energy by many ways:+ turn off gas after cooking+ don"t use gas too much+ when the food ripe, we should turn off gas immidiately to save gas.- saving energy is our duty.If you follow ways above, you can not only save energy but also save money very much and protect the environment.

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Do you think of using electricity power wastefully every day? Do you know that many countries without electricity power? In Viet Nam, the people in remote mountains as Ha Giang, Lang Son province,…..have used oil lamp instead of electricity power.Electricity is one of the most important power in life. You can make daily activities as eating, bathing, relaxing,…all using electricity power, even writing this essay on my laptop. Do you remember that you are crazy without electricity power just one day, especially on summer with 40 degrees. Are you saving electricity power? Or using them wastefully? For me, it’s so shy because of my daily routines, and I have read some news of the life in high mountain that the people make the lights by water bottles then many lights are turned on everywhere, they makes me feel hurt.Dear friends! It’s time to learn the way to save electricity power, that’s the way you save your life, and all. Let’s join The Earth Hour!
Energy savings in general and electricity savings in particular have become more and more concerned issues not only in Vietnam but also around the world. For our country, the propaganda and calling for the use of economical and efficient electricity has been widely deployed in localities across the country and has achieved good results. As we know, currently in Vietnam, electricity is mostly produced from fossil fuels. This is one of the important reasons contributing to the production of large amounts of CO2 emissions, creating a greenhouse effect, seriously threatening the ecosystem. But electricity is at the same time a popular, essential, useful energy in production and family activities. Therefore, the use of electricity in a economical and effective way is extremely significant. Using electricity efficiently and efficiently helps people, families, and production households pay less electricity but still enjoy the full benefits and comfort that people want when using electricity and at the same time contribute part of reducing climate change, avoiding environmental pollution. There are many ways to use electricity efficiently and effectively, such as turning on and off electrical devices when using and turning off when not in use, making the most of natural light and ventilation, using fans to replace air conditioners. When the weather is not too hot, choose to buy and use electrical equipment with energy labels and compact lights. Using electricity economically and effectively is sometimes very easy to implement if we are interested in doing things like giving up the habit of opening all the lights in the evening and forming a habit of turning off lights, fans, air-conditioning devices. other when leaving the bedroom, office ...