Age Of Mythology: Tale Of The Dragon


So yên looking at the steam of đánh giá of Tales of the Dragon, và everyone seems lớn hate it. What is wrong with this expansion compared lớn The Titans?

Edit: I've never played Tales of the Dragon...just trying lớn find out if it is worth the purchase or not


Pretty crappy incoherent chiến dịch, cutscenes with volume issues, a lot of units feel or look uninteresting & uninspired, & a lot of people feel that it’s a cashgrab, not an actual expansion

I think it’s okay, but that probably because i just really like the game, & any new content is welcome

Piggybacking on what has already been said, it was released as a disaster.... so many bugs, things that didn't function properly, và tons of lag issues. The game is not optimized well, so unless you have sầu a fairly nice/new machine, it won't run smooth và will look awful.

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One thing that people haven't mentioned yet is that it's really not supported anymore. The teams that worked on it seemed to lớn just throw something together then went baông chồng lớn aoe1 and 2 (và maybe a bit of 4). So it's an extremely strenuous và slow process to lớn try và get things fixed or patched.

Along with that, on the multiplayer side of things, Chinese are too op; it's pretty darn imbalanced. That's not too surprising, as it encourages people lớn buy the expansion to lớn access the ability to play as the Chinese.... but ultimately, the Chinese power has not (lớn my knowledge) been patched into lớn a more balanced state.

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Ah gotcha. Do you ever think Forgotten Empires will return lớn AoM & make another expansion or patch the Tales of the Dragon expansion? AoE2 HD keeps getting new content so maybe that'll translate over to lớn AoM in the future?

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the original game was made by ensemble studios, a legendary RTS developer, at the height of their access khổng lồ development talent & expertise

tales of the Long won't compare khổng lồ that

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Beyond an extremely rushed design is the slew of really extreme bugs that made it out khổng lồ the public. Like entire scenargame ios that straight up vì chưng not function.

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It's pretty sloppily put together, & largely fan-made (which wouldn't be an issue if even the barest cấp độ of unique control was present).

Lots of bugs that still haven't been fixed, và the game balance is wonky.

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The campaign is generally weak. The actual missions are lacking in guidance and the cấp độ of polish the Ensemble campaigns have sầu. Cutscenes have sầu unmissable visual bugs & sound issues.

The visual design of the maps/cutscenes reuse nội dung already in the game. It doesn't look particularly oriental at all. There's one scenario, mix in China, that has a great big Egyptian shrine blighting the landscape!

A lot of units also reuse assets from the base game + The Titans. It just serves khổng lồ make them feel more lượt thích a gian lận than a quality part of the game. e.g. Jiangshi are supposed lớn be hopping zombies, but they don't hop at all since they reuse an animation. And a lot of units/buildings still have sầu the descriptions of the original asmix they were cloned from!

Several units have sầu the wrong sounds (e.g. Immortals and Monks don't play the anh hùng birth sound) và are missing animations.

Most of the new buildings are generally pretty good, but a few structures have terrible textures. The Chinese fortified wall has a low-resolution brick texture that makes the individual bricks look strangely massive with huge gaps in between each one. The Chinese gate has this lousy Yin-Yang texture that just screams "mod".

Some of the random maps are straight up broken. Old Atlantis and Regicide don't spawn the buildings the descriptions clayên ổn they should bởi vì, & the latter maps doesn't even work properly since the Regent unit is coded improperly.

The new artwork for the new Gods doesn't match the existing art style of the game. And the Titan Gate icon for the Chinese is literally the same as the Atlantean one. They didn't even bother lớn change it.

Padại is just hilariously badly designed. He's extremely hunchbacked và his hair is glued khổng lồ his neck. Ooh, scary!

That being said, the whole thing has potential. If they worked to lớn fix & polish everything, it would be a worthwhile addition lớn the game. The Chinese have sầu an interesting playstyle, & Asian-themed maps are cool. As it is right now your money.